I really hate having to trawl through bullshit critical literary theory sometimes

Ain’t it the truth. Some theory I actually find enlightening, but other theorists leave me cold. Deathly cold. I especially hate Capitalisation of random Words to somehow force meaning on them…. -___-


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The Duchess/The Last Enemy

Culture update…
I finally got around to watching The Duchess! I thought it was pretty good actually, Georgiana is a very colourful character… Also, ever since I watched The Pillars of the Earth I’ve had a bit of a thing for Hayley Atwell, so I enjoyed seeing her >:P

I’m Currently Reading:


Really interesting so far. War literature is fascinating, and this is an interesting counterpoint to another fighter pilot memoir: Geoffrey Wellum’s First Light.  

Turn on TV - ooh, futurama :D

What episode? Wait, hang on… 

Oh shit… ;____;